990-US ELF: Error code R0000-029

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Error message

Error code R0000-029: If the Signature Option "PIN Number" is selected (the element "SignatureOption" in the Return Header has a value of "PIN Number") then the following fields must have a value in the Return Header: "PractitionerPIN", "TaxpayerPIN", "Name" of the "Officer", "Title" of the "Officer", "DateSigned" and "PINEnteredBy" Indicator.


This error is generated for 990 returns and extensions during e-file error checking when the Signature Officer is not designated in the Officer Information dialog.  To designate the Signature Officer, choose View > Contributor/Officer > Officer Information and mark the Signature Officer checkbox on the Officer Information tab of the applicable officer. Verify all officer information is input for the Signature Officer, including Title.

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