ELF (all entities): Rebuilding ELF status in UltraTax CS

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UltraTax CS tracks the status of each electronic filing client and displays this status in the Electronic Filing Status dialog, which you can open by choosing Utilities > Electronic Filing Status.

If the file which contains the ELF events for a client becomes corrupt, rebuilding the file will reset the file to the correct information. To rebuild the file, have all users except the user who is rebuilding the file exit UltraTax CS, choose Help > Repair, and click the Rebuild ELF Status button. Use the Rebuild ELF status button in the Client section to rebuild the ELF status for a single client. Use the Rebuild ELF status button in the All clients section to rebuild the ELF status for all of your clients.

Note: In general, the fields and buttons in the repair dialog should be used only under the direction of CS Support.

Internal notes

Support: The elfstat.dat file contains the information that UltraTax CS tracks for electronic filing purposes (the information viewable under Utilities > Electronic Filing Status).

To rebuild the elfstat.dat file manually follow the steps below:

1. Navigate to X:\WinCSI\UTYYData\$SysData and rename the elfstat.dat file to elfstat.old.

2. Next, choose Help > Repair and click Rebuild ELF Status. Depending on the number of clients our user has will determine how long the process will take. Note that if the users are on a network, it is strongly recommend to have all users exit the program while the list is rebuild.This will ensure best performance and that all users will be in synch after it is rebuilt.

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