UltraTax CS: Updating credit card information for PRP/ELF transactions via the CS Professional Suite website

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Web text: ut-creditcard

Update your payment information for your CS Professional Suite applications - including PRP/ELF transactions completed via UltraTax CS - on the My Account page of our website. A CS Web account with admin permissions assigned is required to manage payment information. For details about CS Web account permissions, see CS Web account permission levels.

To update your payment information for PRP/ELF transactions, as a CS Web administrator complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the My Account page on our website and log in to your CS Web account.
  2. Click the Manage Payment Options link in the My Orders & Payments section to open the Manage payment options page.
  3. Setup your preferred method of payment with a purpose of PRP/ELF/Web Organizers as follows:
    • To use a new account, click Add in the appropriate section. Enter your account information, mark the PRP/ELF/Web Organizers checkbox, and click save to complete your changes.
    • To use an existing account, click Edit in the appropriate section. Review the expiration date, mark the PRP/ELF/Web Organizers checkbox, and click save to complete your changes.

Note: A CS Web administrator has the ability to assign admin permissions to additional CS web accounts. For details, see Creating and managing CS Web accounts.

If no payment information is set up for PRP/ELF/Web Organizer, you may receive an error message when you attempt to complete an e-file transaction. To resolve this issue, complete the steps above. For details, see ELF (All entities): Rejected due to account problems error code.

Internal notes

For addtional internal details about PRP/ELF account handling, see Internal: UltraTAx CS: PRP account handling.

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