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Change to CS Support service hours

Our Support department is closed on [[date]]. However, limited UltraTax CS phone support is available on that date from 9 AM - 5 PM ET due to the approaching deadline.

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This topic compiles important information related to your software, such as the status of known issues, recently corrected problems, and answers to common questions.

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Reported Date Entity Product Reported Version Status Modified Date Fixed Version


01/19/18 All Platform N/A Notice 01/19/18 Notice Government Shutdown

We are aware of the government shutdown. This does not impact your ability to create and submit e-files, nor does it impact the timestamp generated. Depending on the length of the shutdown, there may be delays related to refunds. For additional information, please refer to IRS Lapsed Appropriations Contingency Plan.

01/18/18 1040 Federal 17.2.3 Notice 01/18/18 N/A Fields for expired credits

Several credits have expired however their input fields have not been completely removed. Inside the Credits folder you will see the word 'Reserved' and no input field displayed on several lines of the program. This indicates that these credits have expired and are no longer applicable to the tax return.

The expired credits include: Biodiesel, Indian Employment, Empowerment Zone, Qualified Railroad Track Maintenance, Energy Efficient Homes, and Alternative fuel Vehicle Refueling credits.

01/18/18 1120 Federal 17.2.2 Notice 01/18/18 Notice 1120 Tax Law Changes

With the release of 1120 version 17.2.2 the Tax Projection Worksheet has been changed. Changes include: A flat 21% tax rate for 2018 and removing both the Domestic Production Activities and Alternative Minimum Tax fields.

01/18/18 1040 Federal 17.2.3 Notice 01/18/18 Notice 1040 Tax Law Changes

With the release of 1040 version 17.2.3 numerous tax law changes have been implemented. For details, see the UltraTax CS 1040 17.2.3 User Bulletin by opening the program and going to Help > Bulletins.

Here are some highlights: The Tax Projection Worksheets have been updated to reflect 2018 changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA). Numerous credits and deductions have expired.

12/20/17 ALL Platform Various Notice 01/18/18 Notice Depreciation Tax Law Changes

UltraTax CS Platform 17.2.2 was released 1/11/18 to address tax law changes to bonus depreciation. For details, see the UltraTax CS Platform 17.2.2 User Bulletin by opening the program and going to Help > Bulletins.

These changes have increased Bonus (168k) depreciation to 100% for Qualified property placed into service between 9/28/17 and 12/31/22. In addition to that, 'Qualified property' now includes USED assets as well as new ones.

UltraTax CS Platform 17.2.1 was released 12/27/17 to address tax law changes to bonus depreciation. For details, see the UltraTax CS Platform 17.2.1 User Bulletin by opening the program and going to Help > Bulletins.

01/16/18 1120 Massachusetts (MA) N/A Notice 01/16/18 Notice MA Electronic filing availability
The Massachusetts Department of Revenue has reversed their decision and are now processing prior year business returns filed through the MeF system.  For current year business returns, the state still plans to open on January 29, 2018.  Any prior year business returns previously rejected with the text “Massachusetts does not accept electronically filed business returns during their shutdown period” will need to be recreated and resent.
01/16/18 All Platform N/A Notice 01/16/18 Notice "No client data exists" \ "Unable to Decrypt File"

If a user receives this message on all clients and is on Windows 10, see the TFS below. If the user is not on Windows 10 and/or only receives this message for some clients, see UltraTax CS: Error - "Cannot open Client XXX: No data files exist for this client"

01/12/18 All Platform N/A Notice 01/12/18 Notice Adobe Reader: Program Becomes Unresponsive after Viewing User Bulletins

There have been recent reports of UltraTax CS crashing when first opened, either after an update is applied or when trying to view the User Bulletins by going to Help > Bulletins. The errors reported are “UTW16.exe has stopped working” or “There is a Problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. If it is running please exit and try again (523:523)” or "The PDF File is from an untrusted location". There have also been reports of the program freezing and becoming unresponsive without producing an error.

This behavior appears to have started occurring with an Adobe update released on 1/10/17.

Potential Workaround: Some users have found that unmarking the "Enable Protected Mode at Startup option in Adobe Reader under Edit/Preferences/Security (Enhanced) has stopped the error from occurring.

01/12/18 1040 Platform 17.2.2 Notice 01/12/18 Notice Import from OnBalance
With UltraTax CS version 17.2.2 update, you can now import Schedule C information from OnBalance for your 1040 clients. To learn more, see Import from OnBalance.
01/11/18 1040 Platform 17.2.1 Fixed 01/12/18 17.2.2 Classic Organizers - Income Summary
The Organizer Income Summary page is printing all income types even when an income item is not marked when a selection is made under Setup > 1040 Individual > Organizer tab under the Other return options to Print on Income Summary instead of separate Organizers pages when the Classic Client Organizer presentation option is selected. This will be corrected in a future update.
01/11/18 1120, 1065, 1041 States 2017 Notice 01/11/18 Notice 2017 Inactive State E-filing
Please use the links to the TFS items to get updated information regarding when the states will be open for e-filing.
01/05/18 All Platform 2017,2016,2015 Notice 01/09/18 Notice IRS opening dates
The IRS has released IR-2018-1 announcing the opening dates for e-filing:
  • 1/8/18 for business returns.
  • 1/29/18 for individual returns. Although the IRS will not begin accepting individual e-files until 1/29, you can transmit e-files that pass the e-file error check beginning 1/25. Thomson Reuters will hold all 1040 e-files sent on or after 1/25 on our servers until 1/29, when we will transmit them to the IRS for processing.
For a complete calendar of important dates and deadlines, see Entity-specific IRS filing deadlines & electronic filing information overview.
01/02/18 1120 North Carolina (NC) 17.2.0 Notice 01/02/18 Notice Annual Report vs Tax Return for 1120-NC tax year 2017
The annual report (Previously Form CD-479) may no longer be filed with the tax return (Form CD-405 or CD-401S) for tax year 2017. Annual reports should be filed online at the Secretary of State website, but may still be printed through the program and mailed to the Secretary of State, however, this is not the State's preferred method.

Also, the $25 annual report fee has been removed from forms CD-405 and CD-401S, Page 2.

Very important: Do NOT file the annual report or LLC annual report with the tax return that is sent to the NC DOR! It will not be considered a valid submission.

01/02/18 1040 Federal 17.2.1 Fixed 01/12/18 17.2.1 Screen POA Representative or Appointee Information
Screen POA Representative or appointee information entered in the statement dialog under the Separate Filings folder does not autopopulate with the rest of the information when a preparer is selected and the representative information is properly entered in Setup > Office Configuration . The workaround is to manually enter the information. This will be corrected in a future update.
12/21/17 All Platform 2017 Notice 12/21/17 Notice Viewing Form Approval Status
Please check out this Help & How-To Center topic to better understand the current status of listed forms within UltraTax CS. The federal and state taxing agencies do not issue timeframes to software developers for the approval of finalized forms.
12/11/17 All Platform 17.1.0 Fixed 12/18/17 17.2.0 Web Organizer - Client External Documents
Web organizers are not including client external documents that have been added for a client in Edit > Client External Documents > Add/Edit Links when the checkbox to include the Web Organizer is indicated. This is a verified issue with no workaround at this time. Development is working to resolve the matter as soon as possible.
12/08/17 All Platform N/A Notice 12/08/17 Notice IRS e-Services account now requires two-factor authentications
As of December 10, 2017, all IRS e-Services users must register through Secure Access. Secure Access is Secure Access is a registration process to create an account that requires two-factor authentication. Once registered, returning users must enter their credentials (username and password) and a security code that is either texted to a mobile phone or accessed via the IRS2Go mobile app. For additional details, see IRS: Important details about your e-SErvices account.
12/06/17 1040 Federal 17.1.1 Notice 12/06/17 Fixed Proforma of Converted 1040 client data Talking Points
We’ve identified your firm as potentially having an issue with your recently converted 2016 tax returns from another tax preparation program – 1040 tax returns only.

If your clients were proforma’d prior to the 17.1.1 1040US update, they will be missing 2 year comparison worksheets and certain carryovers.

Update for local programs was mid-afternoon November 29th.

Update for VO occurred on December 1st (it was a day later than updates normally occur for VO).

Verify you are on the latest update - go to Help > About UltraTax CS and find the 1040US update – you should be on 17.1.1 before proceeding.

Once the update is applied, you will need to re-proforma your clients as long as you have not completed any data entry for the tax return thus far. The re-proforma will overwrite any data manually entered. To re-proforma your clients, please navigate to Utilities > Proforma > Clear the “Exclude proforma’d clients” checkbox in the lower left corner to see your entire client list > Select your clients > Proforma.

12/04/17 All Platform N/A Notice 12/04/17 Notice How to access your CPE Certificate(s)

Did you know you can view or download your CPE Certificates for Thomson Reuters courses by logging in to your CS Web Account? For instructions, see Obtaining your CPE Certificate(s) via the My Account page.

11/30/17 All Platform N/A Notice 11/30/17 Notice Various issues with Windows 1709 update

A variety of issues with UltraTax 2016, 15, and 14 have been reported that have been solved by rolling the affected Windows 10 machines back to before the Windows 1709 update. Notably, UltraTax 2016 may give a "Cannot open client" error (see this article for more information: Cannot open Client XXX: "No data files exist for this client" when trying to open 1040 clients). For a full list of reported issues resolved by rolling back updated, see the TFS below.

11/28/17 All Platform N/A Fixed 12/06/17 N/A CS Web server error when updating CS Web account profile information

When updating the password or email address associated with your CS Web account, some user may receive a server error message. Although this error message appears, your changes are saved and the new password or email will now be your new login credentials. Our development teams are working on releasing a fix as soon as possible. For details about updating your CS Web account, see Changing your CS Web account profile information.

11/28/17 All Platform N/A Testing fix 11/28/17 N/A Firm Delegate and license PIN

For security reasons only a firm's licensee has access to make changes to the firm's phone number, address, name or license PIN. The firm Delegate role is not an option that can be assigned for firm's in the absence of the Licensee. This role is only available to firm's whose applications are licensed to the firm, and only certain firm types qualify to licensee their applications in this way. For details about the new delegate roles see, Modifying the firm delegate role. For details about firm types, see Internal: Firm types.

If a firm is requesting this role be assigned to an individual at their firm, please transfer these calls to Customer Service to review and determine if they qualify. Because the firm's licensing type determines wether they need to have an individual assigned to this role, in most cases if there is a Licensee assigned this will not be possible.

11/28/17 All Federal 2017, 2016, 2015 Notice 11/28/17 Notice IRS electronic filing (MeF) shutdown dates

See IRS Modernized e-File (MeF) shutdown dates for when the IRS will suspend electronic filing for Individual and Business returns. More dates will be added to the topic when they are made available. Returns filed during the Maintenance period will receive the following rejection: 

"The IRS does not process 1040 returns, including most state returns, during their annual maintenance downtime. This return should be filed on paper."

11/28/17 1040 Platform 17.1.0 Fixed 12/11/17 17.1.1 2 Year Comparison/Carryover Proforma
The 2 Year Comparison information and certain carryover items will not proforma properly from converted data. There is not a workaround that works consistently at this time. Development is investigating the situation and working to resolve the issue as soon as possible. More information will be available at a later time.
11/20/17 1040, 1120, 1065, 1041, 990 States 2016 Notice 11/20/17 Notice E-Filing State Tax Returns during IRS MeF Shutdown
The following returns can still be e-filed during the IRS MeF Shutdown:

1040 - California and Texas

1120 - California, Massachusetts*, and Texas

1065 - California, Massachusetts (only 2015 and 2014), and Texas

1041 - California, Massachusetts, and Texas

990   - California and Texas

*1120-MA - 2016 follows the IRS Business MeF shutdown schedule, 2015 Forms MA NRCR and M-4868 are available during the MeF shutdown, 2014 and earlier are available during the MeF shutdown.

10/25/17 All Platform 2017 Notice 11/20/17 Notice Licensees must update the license PIN to complete 2017 UltraTax CS installation

New for 2017, the license PIN you use for your CS Professional Suite applications cannot match your firm's ZIP code. If your license PIN matches your ZIP code, your firm's designated Licensee or Delegate must update it to a secure PIN. For details, see Managing your license PIN.

This update is required to successfully complete the installation of 2017 UltraTax CS. If you have received a "Firm ID and PIN do not match our records" error message, contact your firm's licensee to obtain the correct PIN. For additional details about this error message, see License download failed: firm ID and PIN do not match our records.

11/17/17 All Platform All Open 11/17/17 N/A License PIN not saving / firm ID and PIN do not match

Communication was sent to firms in October explaining that they must update and/or verify their license PIN, as the PIN is no longer allowed to match the ZIP code. If a firm receives the CS Connect error that the firm ID and PIN do not match our records, they need to verify their PIN on the My Account page.

There have been reports of license PINs appearing to revert to the ZIP code after being updated. A fix for this issue was released 11.19.17. If a firm reports a "Firm ID and PIN do match our records" message in CS Connect, follow the instructions in the internal note of Troubleshooting license PIN update errors.

After troubleshooting, if the PIN is reverting to the firm ZIP code after updating it on our work with your departments CF to resolve the issue.

10/24/17 1040 Federal 16.3.8 Open 10/24/17 N/A Disaster Tax Relief and Airport and Airway Extension Act of 2017
This act would change casualty loss thresholds, Itemized and Standard deduction thresholds, and other calculations such as the Earned Income Credit. We are currently waiting on the IRS to issue procedures for how to claim these items on the 2016 and 2017 returns. Stay tuned.
10/13/17 All Platform 2016 Notice 10/13/17 Notice E-filing disabled due to unverified EFIN

If you also own Accounting CS, using an unverified EFIN in Accounting CS for any Federal 94X form will disable e-filing for both applications. To find the unverified EFIN in Accounting CS choose Actions > Process Electronic Forms and click the Transmission Information button. If you use a separate EFIN to transmit your Federal 94X payroll tax forms, it must be verified before use in Accounting CS. For details, see E-file application summary required to electronically file payroll tax forms.

Due to continued downtime on the IRS e-Services site, some exceptions may be possible. If an e-file application summary is not accessible because of this and e-filing for UltraTax has been disabled due to an unverified EFIN in Accounting CS, work with the Customer Service Call facilitator for guidance.

09/08/17 All Platform N/A Notice 09/08/17 Notice User exists in TRID, but there is no TRUID in EMS. Contact Platform Development for resolution.”
To help us troubleshoot and figure out the cause of this error, please ask our customers: How these users were created and what steps were taken to register the user. Please provide as much detail as possible, and email the Support - UT Senior Specialists group.
06/09/17 1040 Kansas (KS) 2016 Notice - Notice Kansas 2017 tax law changes

Kansas has made significant changes to their tax laws for tax year 2017. These changes include new tax rates and the inclusion of Schedule C, Schedule E, and Schedule F income in Kansas AGI, among other things. Kansas has indicated that no taxpayer will be assessed penalties and interest arising from the underpayment of taxes due to changes in the individual income tax rates that become law on July 1, 2017, provided the underpayment is rectified on or before April 17, 2018.

Estimate amounts can be manually adjusted to account for changes. Choose the appropriate Estimates - declaration for 2017 code on Screen Est, in the KS Payments folder, and adjust as needed.

2017 All Georgia (GA) 2016 Notice - Notice New Georgia direct deposit policy
The Georgia DOR has changed their direct deposit policy due to an increase in fraudulent requests for direct deposit refunds. Starting in tax year 2016, first time filers and those who have not filed in five or more years will not receive a direct deposit. Georgia will automatically issue a paper check.

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