Opening completed tax returns in read-only view

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You can use the client status system to limit access to a client's return. This limited access includes a read-only mode that enables staff members to open a return without editing privileges, ensuring that completed tax returns cannot be changed by users or recalculated by the application. To open returns in read-only view, you must configure a discourage access status event, log that event for the applicable client, and then select the Open completed client in read-only mode preventing all updates option in the Warning - Status System dialog.

The following steps outline this process.

  1. Configure the warning event: Use the Setup > Office Configuration > Status tab to configure a discourage access status event. This enables you to limit access to any returns for which this event is logged.
  2. Log the warning event for the client: With the return open, choose Utilities > Client Status and log that event for the client, and a warning prompt will display when the client's return is opened.
  3. Choose the read-only option when opening the return: When a user attempts to open the client, the Warning - Status System dialog opens. To open the client in read-only view, mark the Open completed client in read-only mode preventing all updates option and click the View Read-Only Client button. While in read-only mode, the data-entry fields are locked and UltraTax CS will not recalculate the return.

Note: If you are licensed for FileCabinet CS and stored the client's completed return in that application, you can open the FileCabinet CS copy of the return from within UltraTax CS by choosing the Access tax return in FileCabinet CS option in the Warning - Status System dialog.

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