Printing a folder insert equivalent with vertical or offset slipsheets

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The "Folder Insert" slipsheet cannot be selected to print with vertical or offset slipsheets within UltraTax CS. However, an equivalent can be printed in its place.

When the Slipsheet format is set to Vertical, Offset, or Bulk mail the option to Print an additional portrait folder insert is disabled for both the Organizer cover and Tax return cover. To access this option, choose Setup > Office Configuration, click the Print Options tab, then click the Mailing Slipsheets button. Although this option is unavailable, an equivalent can be printed in its place, for either a return or an organizer.

To generate the equivalent, complete the following steps.

  1. Choose Setup > 1040 Individual from the menu.
  2. Click the Federal tab if you intend to print the folder insert equivalent for returns, or the Organizer tab if you intend to print it for organizers.
  3. Once on the appropriate tab, click the Slipsheets button.
  4. Open the "Client Return Slipsheet" (or the "Client Slipsheet" if modifying the organizer documents).
  5. In the open document, scroll to the bottom and place your cursor just after the last text on the page.
  6. Click and drag your mouse to the very top of the document. Be sure the blank lines at the top of the document are also highlighted.
  7. Once all items are highlighted, choose Edit > Copy.
  8. Next, place your cursor just after the last text on the page, and press ENTER once.
  9. On this new line, choose Insert > Page break, which will insert a green page break line into the document.


  10. Finally, choose Edit > Paste. Now, when printing a client, two copies of the Client Return Slipsheet will generate, one of which can serve as an equivalent to the Folder Insert.

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