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This tab lists all of the headers and footers that are available for the selected document type. To view or edit a header or footer, highlight it in the list, and then click the Open button.

To attach a header or footer to an open document, select Document > Properties and click the appropriate option in the Header/Footer group box.


  • You cannot create new headers and footers.
  • This tab is available only for transmittal letters, filing instructions, and invoices.
  • If you change a header or footer, it affects all documents that print with headers and footers for all clients (transmittal letters, filing instructions, invoices, elections, and slipsheets).
  • This tab is not available if you clicked the Compose Client Letters button in Data Mining to open this dialog. To modify header and footer text, choose Setup > [Entity] and then click one of the document buttons in the appropriate federal or state tab.

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