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Use this dialog to enter items into the custom fieldview attached to the current field and to select which items appear in the custom fieldview drop-down list. After you make entries in a custom fieldview, you can subsequently select them from that fieldview when preparing returns. To quickly add items to a custom fieldview, simply enter the item directly in the field. The information you enter is saved automatically, but will not automatically display in the drop-down list.

Note: There are two types of custom fieldviews, linked (view example) and non-linked (view example).

To open this dialog, place the cursor in a field with an attached custom fieldview and either click the Custom Fieldview Custom Fieldview button button (if available), select Custom Fieldview from the Edit menu, or click Edit Custom Fieldview in the field's drop-down list.

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The items for this custom fieldview are listed here. Custom fieldviews are similar to regular fieldviews except that you determine the list of entries that appears in them. This means that custom fieldviews are blank (and only contain the Edit Custom Fieldview command) until you make entries in them. After you make entries in a custom fieldview, UltraTax CS will auto-complete those entries when you begin to enter the same text. You can also select an entry from the drop-down list if the Display in Drop-down checkbox is marked in this dialog.

To enter new items in a custom fieldview via this dialog, click the row displaying "Click here to add new item" and enter the appropriate information. When you are finished entering items, click OK.

Note: Non-linked fieldviews will allow you to enter information for the selected field only. Linked fieldviews will allow data for the selected field as well as additional related fields. These related fields will automatically populate with the appropriate information entered in the Custom Fieldview dialog.

Mark this checkbox to include the associated entry in the drop-down list attached to the current custom fieldview. UltraTax CS marks this checkbox automatically if you press CTRL+S after entering a new item in a custom fieldview.

Click the row displaying "Click here to add new item" and enter the text for the fieldview item in this field. Then, either click OK to save the information and close the Custom Fieldview dialog, or click the row displaying "Click here to add new item" to add additional fieldview items.

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