Enabling data entry mode (disabling calculations)

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Tax returns that have many states attached or that contain many activities can cause delays in data entry due to UltraTax CS recalculating amounts on the fly. To speed up data entry, you can disable calculations by turning on data entry mode. 

With a client's tax return open, choose View > Data Entry Mode or click the down arrow on the Input Screen Data Entry button Input Screen Data Entry button and choose Data Entry Mode. To disable data entry mode and re-enable calculations, repeat one of these actions.


  • UltraTax CS indicates that it isn't performing calculations by displaying [DATA ENTRY MODE] in the title bar next to the client name and firm office name. 
  • If you attempt an action that requires current calculations (such as printing or previewing a return, accessing diagnostic messages, or switching to Form View), UltraTax CS prompts you to disable data entry mode. Click OK to re-enable calculations, or click Cancel to remain in data entry mode with calculations disabled. 

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