Excel Import utility guidelines for asset information (706)

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Consider the following guidelines when you modify an Excel spreadsheet to import data into UltraTax/706.

  • The Excel templates to create the spreadsheet are available at X:\WinCSI\UT17\706US.ext,17,1,0 (where X is the location where UltraTax/706 is installed). The following template is available: 

    • u7usasset.xls - Save this template as a CSV file and then use the file to enter asset information.

  • Always copy and save the Excel template to a location other than your X:\WinCSI\UT17\706US.ext,17,1,0 folder before you enter data in the spreadsheet. Saving the template to another location ensures that you will not alter the template in your X:\WinCSI\UT17\706US.ext,17,1,0 folder.
  • Subsequently created import spreadsheets will always overwrite any previously created spreadsheets with the same name.
  • Do not alter the order of the headings in the Excel spreadsheet. UltraTax/706 recognizes the order of the headings in the spreadsheet that you create via the template.
  • Do not alter the field names in the spreadsheet.
  • If the asset information changes, you must enter changes in the Excel spreadsheet and save the updated spreadsheet before you re-import the data into UltraTax/706.
  • You can insert or delete rows in the spreadsheet. You must, however, maintain consistency within the spreadsheet.
  • You cannot insert or delete columns in the spreadsheet.
  • You must enter all percentages in the following format: xxx.xx. For example, for Co-tenant: Percentage, you would enter the percentage as 67.50.
  • The following table summarizes valid entries for contributor items in the spreadsheet titled u7usasset.xls.

    Heading Entry
    State State postal code

    Description of asset 

    (must not exceed 32 characters)


    A = Real Estate

    B = Stocks and Bonds

    C = Mortgage, Notes, and Cash

    D = Life Insurance

    E-1 = Qualified Joint Interests

    E-2 = All Other Joint Interests

    F = Other Miscellaneous Property

    G-1 = Gift Tax Paid

    G-2 = Transfers Includible

    H = Powers of Appointment

    I = Annuity

    NA = Nonresident

    CUSIP or EIN

    CUSIP = xxxxxxxxxxxx

    EIN = xx-xxxxxxx

    Included in gross estate outside the US X
    Co-tenant: Name Name
    Co-tenant: Percentage Percentage (xxx.xx)
    Beneficiary / Ratio Beneficiary or ratio name
    Marital Share X
    QTIP Property X
    Unit value Unit value
    Alternate valuation date MM/DD/YY
    Alternate value Alternate value
    Value at date of death Value at death
    Community property X

Note: If you do not plan to import the Excel spreadsheet into UltraTax/706, you can save the spreadsheet as an XLS file and/or modify the CSV spreadsheet using Microsoft Excel guidelines.

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