Other Return Options > General tab (5500)

Alerts and notices

Use this tab to set various return presentation and other options in UltraTax CS.

To view this tab, choose Setup > 5500 Benefit Plans, then click the Other Return Options button.


  • Depending on your security configuration, you might be prompted to enter the master password before you can open any entity type's tab.
  • These options apply to all 5500 clients.

Print participant packages in alphabetical order

Mark this checkbox to sort the participant packages for all clients alphabetically. The packages are sorted when you use the Print Returns or Preview command on the File menu or the Print Preview button on the toolbar.

Print Form 9325 taxpayer mailing address left-justified

Mark this checkbox to print the client mailing address on the left side of Form 9325. UltraTax CS prints the address on the right side of the form by default.

Custom electronic delivery passwords from the Client Communications dialog

Mark this checkbox to proforma any passwords that were overridden (indicated in red) from the Client Communications dialog in Setup > Client Communications.

To protect the security of tax information, electronic returns are password-protected. UltraTax CS can generate these passwords using the options specified on this dialog, or you can create custom passwords yourself by entering them in the Passwords column on the Client Communications dialog.

Increment participant's vested percent by

Mark this checkbox to increase each participant's vested percentage by the amount specified in the % field when the client's data is proforma'd. If the % field is left blank, the vested percentage remains the same when proforma'd. If the prior-year vested percentage plus the amount specified in the % field equals more than 100 percent, then a vested percentage value of 100 percent proformas to the current year.

Note: When the Increment participant's vested percent by checkbox is marked, all clients subsequently proforma'd have their vested percentages increased by the amount specified in the % field.

Proforma participant's share of other increases/decreases description

Mark this checkbox to proforma the increase / decrease description(s) entered in the Share of increases / decreases statement dialog(s) on Screen PStmt. If this checkbox is marked, the descriptions proforma from the prior-year input screens to the corresponding location in the current-year version of UltraTax CS.

Custom transmittal letter and invoice number (Screen Letter)

UltraTax CS automatically proformas the Custom transmittal letter number and the Custom invoice number fields on Screen Letter. If you prefer not to proforma the custom transmittal letter number and the custom invoice number, clear this field prior to proforma.

Renumber Sch A1 and A2 Unit Numbers (starting at 1)

Mark this checkbox to sequentially renumber Schedule A units. For example, if the prior year client has Schedule A units numbered as 1, 3, 5, and 6, after proforma the units in the current year client will be renumbered as 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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