Setting other 990 return options

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Follow this procedure to specify other return options in UltraTax/990.

  1. Choose Setup > 990 Exempt Organizations.

    Note: Depending on the security configuration, a prompt to enter the master password may appear. Enter the password, and click OK before continuing.

  2. To set return options not shown in the 990 Product Information dialog, click the Other Return Options button.

    Note: The options you choose apply to all 990 clients until you change the options again.

  3. In the Return Presentation tab, specify the following information.

    • the alignment for the Form 9325 mailing address
    • whether to complete Schedule D, Parts XI and XII when they are not required
    • to sort persons on Form 990, Page 7, Part VII by name
    • establish the default behavior for Schedule D (1120 / 1041) and Form 8949
    • specify state preferences to suppress estimated tax vouchers for EFW estimates
  4. In the Client Documents tab, specify the following information.

    • whether to include a list of federal and state enclosed returns in the transmittal letter
    • options for printing "AS SOON AS POSSIBLE" in filing instructions when applicable and only if penalties and/or interest exist or if the return is being filed after the original date
    • print engagement letters
    • print filing instructions and slipsheets for the mailing of Forms 2848 and 8821 to the preparer (instead of the government agency)
    • estimated taxes filing instruction preferences
  5. In the Proforma tab, specify whether to proforma the following information.
    • the custom electronic delivery passwords from the Client Communications dialog
    • the custom transmittal letter and invoice numbers in Screen Letter
    • the non-cash contributions descriptions in the Contributor Information window
    • the officer's hours per week in the Officer Information window
  6. In the Other tab, specify the following information.
    • print bank account verification
    • select preferences for the historical reports charts on the client historical reports
    • the rounding amount for write-up retrieval
  7. In the Consent Information tab, specify the following information.

    • whether to print the consent letter for all clients with their returns
    • the date the consent will expire
    • the specific recipients and uses of tax return information
  8. Click OK to accept the settings and close the dialog, or click Cancel to close the dialog without saving your changes to the option settings.

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