Form 4562 Vehicle Questions > This Vehicle tab

Alerts and notices

See also: Form 4562 Vehicle Questions dialog overview

Use this tab to answer additional vehicle questions regarding this vehicle for Form 4562. Note that the items on this tab pertain only to the current vehicle.

When you enter vehicle data in the Vehicle/Listed tab of the Asset Detail dialog, click the Form 4562 Vehicle Questions button to open this tab.

Fields & buttons

Mark this checkbox if the vehicle is available for personal use during off-duty hours.

Mark this checkbox to answer on Form 2106 that the off-duty personal use question is not applicable.

Note: This checkbox is available only if you are processing vehicle property that is entered in a 2106 activity.

Mark this checkbox if the vehicle is used primarily by a more-than-five-percent owner or related person.

Mark this checkbox if another vehicle is available for personal use.

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