Forcing the bonus property type

Alerts and notices

Fixed Assets CS automatically calculates the bonus depreciation deduction for treatments that comply with each type of bonus for:

...if the assets depreciate:

For some qualified assets, you need to enter a bonus depreciation type.

To force the property to calculate (or not calculate) the bonus depreciation deduction, perform the following steps.

  1. Open the Asset List window for an activity.
  2. In the Asset List window, double-click the asset for which you want to force a GO Zone/168(k) code.
  3. In the Asset Detail dialog, click the Other tab.
  4. In the GO Zone/168(k) (force) field, select the appropriate type of property. For details on each bonus type, see the overview of the GO Zone/168(k) (force) field.
  5. Click Done to return to the Asset List window.

Note: If the Used checkbox is marked at the top of the Asset Detail dialog, Prop not qualified (GO Zone/168(k)/168(n)) is automatically selected in the GO Zone/168(k) (force) field.

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