1041 frequently asked questions

Alerts and notices

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Accounting income and corpus

Asset data entry

Beneficiary allocations

Beneficiary distribution calculations

Business and capital asset sale information

Casualties and thefts

Custom paragraphs

Electing small business trusts

Electronic filing

Estimated taxes

Expense allocation


Final return of Form 1041

Form 1041-A

Form 1116 (Foreign Tax Credit)

Form 2210

Form 3115

Form 4562

Form 4952 (Investment income)

Form 5227

Form 5471

Form 8960 (Net Investment Tax)

General footnotes

Grantor trust / agency relationship

Interest, dividends, and tax-exempt income

Investment income

State processing

Passive loss information

Reporting gain from like-kind exchange on the installment method

Return collation

Schedule B

Schedule K-1

Smart data entry

State tax refunds

Tax elections

Tax Return History Report

Qualified dividends

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