UltraTax/1041 procedures

Alerts and notices

Setup procedures

Setting options for all 1041 clients

Setting options for new 1041 clients

Electronic filing procedures

Configuring UltraTax CS for 1041 electronic returns overview

Entering data for 1041 electronic returns overview

Creating the 1041 electronic file and correcting errors overview

Transmitting electronic 1041 returns via CS Connect overview

Extension and return procedures

Allocating items to beneficiaries

Allocating expenses to capital gains

Amending a fiduciary return

Entering marginal oil production percentage depletion rate

Preparing a partial grantor trust return

Preparing 1041 extensions

Preparing a final short-year return in the current version of UltraTax CS 

Entering prior year ends if different from current year end

Processing state or multiple-state returns

Reporting section 121 exclusion on the sale of a personal residence 

Calculating prior year amounts for NOL carryback 

Entering NOL carryovers 

Entering source interest or dividend income for a nonresident state tax return 

Entering source tax-exempt interest or dividend income for a state tax return 

Multi-state allocation procedures

Entering multi-state allocation information

Using the Excel Export / Import utility for multi-state allocation information

Printing state allocation information reports

Deleting state allocation information

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