1040 e-file error: IND-517

Alerts and notices


A Dependent SSN in the return must not be the same as the Primary or Spouse SSN on another return where 'PrimaryClaimAsDependentInd' or 'SpouseClaimAsDependentInd' is not checked. (value XXXXXXXXX, rule IND-517-01)

Note: The value represents Social Security number of the dependent causing the rejection.


Check the following:

  • Review the Dependent information statement on the 1040 screen in the General folder. If the Dependent's SSN was entered incorrectly, correct it and resubmit the electronic file.
  • For dependents that submitted their own return and claimed their exemption, remove the dependent from the parent's return and resubmit. If the parents should have claimed the exemption, they must file a paper return. The dependent's return will have to be amended.
  • If the dependent did not submit their own return, contact the IRS e-file help desk at 1-866-255-0654 or have the taxpayer contact IRS Accounts Management at 1-800-829-0922 for assistance.

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