1040 state - Common data entry questions

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Click the following questions to view answers to common questions about entering data for 1040 state returns.

What is the correct usage of postal codes in the application, and what does a blank postal code default to?

My client's state exempts all or a portion of certain pension distribution from state income tax. How do I indicate a pension distribution that is exempt from state taxation?

How do I enter winnings from state lotteries?

When I enter amounts in the State if different fields in Screens K1, K1-2, K1-3, K1-4, K1-5, K1-6, K1-7, K1T, and K1T-2, the amount I entered in the Federal column still appears on my client's state return. Why?

How do I enter information for U.S. obligations and exempt interest so that the state application makes the correct adjustment?

My state forms look different than in previous years. They have strange lines on them, or they have a big box with a lot of numbers inside. Are these forms submittable?

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