Automobile expense FAQs (1040)

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The following includes answers to common questions about entering auto expenses.

How do I enter auto expenses?

What is the maximum number of vehicles I can enter for any given entity?

I want to use the standard mileage rate. What steps do I follow to enter this information?

How do I enter information for a leased vehicle?

If I use the actual expense method, why does the total allowable deduction shown on the Auto Worksheet not match the amount of car/truck expense displayed on the applicable form or schedule?

Is the optimization no longer available for luxury autos after the first year of service?

Why are the vehicle questions and mileage information not printing on Page 2 of Schedule C?

Why doesn't the depreciation entered on the Auto Worksheet transfer to Schedule C?

Why does the text "Line 38 calc'd to IRC 167, 168, and 280(f), not to Form 2106 instr." occasionally appear at the bottom of Form 2106, Page 2?

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