Sales tax FAQs (1040)

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The following includes answers to common questions about sales tax.

How should I address general sales taxes paid to a nonresident state?

What should I do with sales taxes paid on a major purchase (specified item) to a nonresident state?

If my client lives in one state, but works and purchases many items in another, can I choose which state table to use?

Where can I find information about state and local sales tax rates?

What should I do if a state or locality changed their sales tax rate mid-year?

Do I need to adjust for the fact that some states and localities tax items, such as food, clothing, and medical supplies, at lower sales tax rates?

Will the state income tax refund be taxable next year if the General Sales Tax Deduction is taken this year?

If a prior-year NOL was carried forward to the current-year return, should the NOL be added to income when calculating income for use with the optional state sales tax tables?

How is line 3 of the General Sales Tax Deduction Worksheet calculated?

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