Tracking and retrieving eSignature documents

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After sending eSignature documents to your clients with a client organizer or a business organizer or with the client's tax return, you can do the following:

Tracking eSignature documents

To check the status of an eSignature document that you've sent to a client, review the eSignature Transmission Status - Live section of the UltraTax CS Home Page. 

  1. In UltraTax CS, click the Home Page button in the upper-right.
  2. Click the eSignature Status Live link in the left column on the Home Page.
  3. On the eSignature Transmission Status - Live page, you can review a list of all eSignature documents previously transmitted by your office. This list includes the client ID, name, originator at your firm who transmitted the eSignature (typically a preparer, reviewer, or other staff member), the application (1040, 1120, etc.), the associated entity type (organizer, return, etc.), the date of the transmission, and the current status of each document at the Thomson Reuters data center.


  • Click the column headings (Client IDNameOriginator, and so on) to sort the list by the selected column. For example, to view all eSignature documents transmitted by a specific preparer, click the Originator column heading.
  • Use the search fields under each column heading to search the list for a keyword within that column. For example, to find a particular client in the list, enter the client's name in the search field under the Name heading. 
  • Use the drop-down lists at the top of the ProductType, and Status at Thomson Reuters data center columns to restrict the list to a specific entity, by Return or Organizer, or by the status of the transmitted eSignature documents. For example, to view only those eSignature documents that the client declined, choose Declined from the drop-down list in the Status at Thomson Reuters data center column.
  • To recall a document transmitted for eSignature, click the [Revoke] link next to the desired document in the Status at Thomson Reuters data center column. This link is available only when the status of a document is "Electronic Signature Sent." Once a client has signed or declined to sign that document, you can no longer recall that document. There is no fee for revoking eSignature document, and you will not be charged for transmission if you successfully revoke a document.

Retrieving eSigned documents via CS Connect

After a client completes the eSignature process, you will receive an email notification and can confirm the status as "Electronic Signature eSigned" in the Status at Thomson Reuters data center column of the eSignature Transmission Status - Live section of the Home Page. You can retrieve the signed documents via CS Connect.

  1. Choose Utilities > CS Connect or click the CS Connect button in the toolbar to open the CS Connect dialog.
  2. Verify that the Retrieve updated eSignature status and documents checkbox is marked in the Purpose of this call group box. 
  3. Click the Connect button. 


  • To see the destination of the signed documents, choose Setup > Office Configuration and click the eSignature tab.
  • If you cannot locate the signed documents, retrieve the documents again by choosing Help > Repair. In the Repair dialog, click on the client so that it is highlighted, and then click the Retrieve eSign Info button.

Reviewing Form 8879 eSignature status (1040 only)

You can check the status of Forms 8879 sent to clients for electronic signatures via the Electronic Filing Status dialog.

  1. Choose Utilities > Electronic Filing Status or click the Electronic Filing Status button on the toolbar.
  2. Review the information in the Signature Document column to check the status of the Forms 8879 you previously transmitted to clients for eSignatures.


    • To sort the list in this dialog or filter a column according to the entries in that column, click any column heading.
    • The possible status values displayed in this column are ESign Sent, To Sign, ESigned, ESign Failed, ESign Declined, or Paper Signed and Returned.
  3. Click Close to exit the Electronic Filing Status dialog. 

Viewing eSignature status events

To view the eSignature status events that UltraTax CS logged for the open client, click the down-arrow on the Client Status button Client Status button in the toolbar and move your mouse over a particular date to see the events logged on that date.

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