What Is Planner CS?

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Planner CS is an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and flexible tax planning application. It provides simultaneous and extensive tax projections for a virtually unlimited combination of alternatives or years. The application's purpose is to project broad possibilities and to allow for changes in income and/or expenses that will significantly affect tax liability. As with all UltraTax CS applications, Planner CS is designed to save you time while enhancing the quality of the services you provide your clients.

After completing returns for your UltraTax/1040 clients, you can easily export the clients' data from UltraTax CS into Planner CS. This integration between the two applications not only saves you time, it also ensures consistency between the client data in the two applications.

For more information on using Planner CS, start Planner CS and choose Help & How-To Center from the Help menu.

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