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UltraTax CS uses Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) to verify the identity of the taxpayer to allow electronic signatures per IRS publication 1345. The KBA questions are generated from public records and other databases. The client has three attempts to pass the KBA process. If the client fails the process, you can re-assemble and transmit the eSignaure documents. After three failed attempts, the client will not be able to sign documents electronically and must manually sign them.

Note: You can set up the email notifications for updates to eSignature status by choosing Setup > Client Communications. Click on the ELF/eSign Options button and mark Email notification of electronic signature status.

The following are possible reasons why a client would fail the KBA process. 

The client did not answer the KBA questions correctly
There was an interruption while completing the KBA process
The client is considered KBA ineligible

In some scenarios, the KBA will not be able to generate questions. If the KBA cannot create questions, the client is considered KBA ineligible. Reasons for a client to be KBA ineligible may include:

Clients that are KBA ineligible will have to manually sign form 8879. You should not attempt to resubmit the eSignature documents because it will fail again.

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