Getting Started with UltraTax CS and NetClient CS Integration

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This topic outlines the setup for UltraTax CS and NetClient CS Integration. It is a great starting point if you are new to NetClient portals or if you want to review your firm's setup.


Only an organizer license is required to transmit web organizers from UltraTax CS to NetClient CS. If your firm is not licensed for NetFirm CS, then transmissions of web organizers will be subject to PRP Web Organizer fees:

  • Transmission Fee: $1 per Organizer (assessed when transmitted to the Thomson Reuters' host computer)
Retrieval Fee:
 $3 per Organizer (assessed when completed Web Organizer is retrieved into UltraTax CS).
  • The fees associated with transmitting and retrieving Web Organizers only apply to PRP Web Organizer licenses only.

These fees are charged once per taxpayer SSN. Your firm can transmit and retrieve a client's Web Organizer as many times as necessary. You will only incur charges the first time you transmit and retrieve the Web Organizer.

The NetFirm license is required to transmit tax returns from UltraTax CS to NetClient CS portals. If you are not licensed for NetFirm, you will notice the following in UltraTax CS:

  • If you navigate to File > Print Returns and select Client Copy > Electronic Delivery, the Web option will be grayed out
  • If you navigate to Setup > Client Communications, in the Return Delivery column, you will not find 'Web' as a drop-down menu option

If you need a NetFirm license, please contact Customer Service at 800.968.0600.

In the event that your firm is licensed for Onvio and would prefer to use NetClient Organizers but is not licensed for NetFirm, complete the steps for Using NetClient CS web organizers while licensed for Onvio portals.

Creating NetClient Portals

A very convenient feature of UltraTax CS is that it will automatically create a NetClient portal if the client is not linked to one. Therefore, you are not required to create the portal first via NetFirm Administration, saving you time and administrative work.

Required Setup in UltraTax CS

All required setup is completed within UltraTax.

  1. On the menu bar, click Setup > Client Communications
  2. Complete the Firm email address field
  3. In the Email address column, enter your client's email address
    • For 1040 clients, you may enter an email for both the taxpayer and spouse by toggling between "Tp:" and "Sp:"
  4. Review the Return Delivery and Organizer Delivery columns
  5. From the drop-down menu, select Web for the clients you wish to send to the portal


    • This is especially important when assembling returns or organizers in batches because UltraTax will print based on the method selected here.
    • For the Organizer Delivery, you may also select Web - Print Only, which sends an organizer in PDF format to the portal.  
    • To modify the delivery method for multiple clients, click Utilities > Reassign Clients.

Once the required setup is complete, you may begin assembling web tax returns or web organizers. At the same time, there are many more setup options to review. For more information, please see the overview topic below.

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