UltraTax CS all entities: ELF rejection - PDF/TXT/XLSX is required by the electronic file but is not present in the transmitted package

Alerts and notices

Electronic filing rejection: [FILENAME].PDF/TXT/XLSX is required by the electronic file but is not present in the transmitted package

FILENAME is the name of the PDF file that is being attached to the electronic file. This e-file error occurs when there is a problem with a PDF file that is attached to the electronic file or if there is a PDF required to be attached and it is missing. Try the following steps to resolve this error. 

There is a problem with the PDF file name

After updating the file name, re-attach the PDF file by choosing Edit > Electronic Filing Attachments while in the input screens of the client.

A PDF was attached from one workstation and the electronic file was created and transmitted from a different workstation

When attaching a PDF to an electronic file, it is best to either attach the PDF file at the workstation that you will be creating and transmitting the electronic file from or save the PDF to a location where both workstations can access. If the PDF was attached at a different workstation, re-attach the PDF on the workstation where the electronic file will be created and transmitted from.

Internal notes

It is possible that the PDF files that are generated automatically are not being created due to environmental issues. If a user is getting this rejection for a PDF file that they did not attach do the following:

  1. Re-create the electronic file and view it in the electronic filing status window to see what PDF attachments are listed in the e-file.
  2. Go to X:\WinCSI\UT15Data\$SYSDATA\efiling
  3. Copy and paste the client's e-file (.XEF file) to a different location. 
  4. Rename the file and replace the file extension .XEF with .zip
  5. Double click the .zip file and verify the PDF files included. 

If the PDFs are listed in the e-file when viewing it but are not included in the e-file, then it is an environmental issue, See TFS871193.

This error used to say "File [FILENAME].PDF is in the XML but is not in the zip."

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