UltraTax CS all entities: How to review a list of clients that have not been filed

Alerts and notices

Returns that are filed electronically

To create a report that lists all clients that have not been transmitted electroincally to the IRS, follow these steps:

  1. Chose Utilities > Client Listing Reports.
  2. Select Client ELF Summary (the bottom option) and click Continue.
  3. In the Select Clients for Report dialog, verify the Focus section has the appropriate entities, preparer, and Event selected.
  4. In the ELF filters section, change By status to Not Transmitted.

    Note: For the fall tax deadline, choose Extension transmitted, return not transmitted to see a list of clients who had an extension filed electronically, but have not e-filed the tax return.

  5. Click the Select All button to select all of your clients.
  6. Either Preview, Print, or Export the report to generate the list of clients

Note: If a client's return is e-fled and rejected, the client's return has not been filed and they will not be listed in the report following the steps above. After following the steps above, it is recommended you repeat the steps above and choose Rejected (not recreated) in step 4.

Returns that are filed electronically or on paper

You can create and log custom status events for clients. For example, you can create an event called "Tax return filed" and log it for your client when their return is either mailed to the IRS or filed electronically. You can then print/preview any of the Client Listing Reports by that status. For more information see UltraTax CS: Creating a report of clients who have logged a customized status event.

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