Viewing FileCabinet CS documents from within UltraTax CS

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If you are licensed for FileCabinet CS and have it installed, you can view documents printed to FileCabinet CS without leaving UltraTax CS. To do so, follow these steps.

Note: You cannot edit or annotate FileCabinet CS documents from within UltraTax CS.

  1. If necessary, choose File > Open Client and open an UltraTax CS client.
  2. In the folders block, click the Drawer Drawer button button and choose the FileCabinet CS folder you want to view. By default, the first document in the list appears in the UltraTax CS main window (where input screens and forms are displayed). The documents contained in the selected FileCabinet CS folder are displayed in the folders block.
  3. Review the document(s) as necessary. Click the down arrow on the document tab to open a dialog you can use to navigate among the pages of that document. View an example. Also, you can use the navigational arrows Navigation buttons to browse the pages of the return.
  4. To select a different FileCabinet CS folder, click the down arrow on the Drawer button. View an example. Review the documents in the selected folder as necessary.
  5. When you are finished viewing the desired FileCabinet CS documents, click the federal or state return button in the folders block to return to the UltraTax CS input screens.


  • If the client's documents are password-protected in FileCabinet CS, you will be prompted to enter the password before documents can be viewed through UltraTax CS.
  • You cannot view archived FileCabinet CS documents through UltraTax CS.
  • You can disable this feature for a client by marking the Deny access to drawer data through the interface with other CS applications checkbox in the Restrict Access dialog in FileCabinet CS.
  • Individual users can disable this feature by clearing the Display the Drawer button to view FileCabinet CS documents checkbox in the Setup > User Preferences > Misc tab.

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