Data Entry Display dialog

Alerts and notices

Use this dialog to configure the order and visibility of data entry folders and input screens. Hiding infrequently used folders and input screens will help reduce the clutter during data entry. Screens that are hidden using this dialog can still be easily selected for use while a client's return is open.

To open this dialog, choose Setup > <Product Name>, click the Input Screens button, and choose Data Entry Display in one of the tabs in the Product Information dialog. For example, if you open this dialog via the 1040 Federal tab, you are changing the data entry display for all 1040 federal clients.

Fields & buttons

This list contains the folders and input screens for the current entity. To sort the list by the folder or screen ID, description, or display condition, click the appropriate column heading at the top of the list. To select multiple folders and/or input screens, hold SHIFT or CTRL and click the desired items.

Note: The appropriate options will be enabled in the Display conditions group box based on the items you select in this list.

Use the options in this group box to set the display condition for the folders or input screens highlighted in the adjacent list.


  • Click the Always option to show the selected folders regardless of the presence of data.
  • Click the If data on any input screen option to hide the folder until data is entered on one of the input screens contained in the folder.

Input screen:

  • Click the Always, when folder present option to show the selected input screens whenever the folder that contains them is visible.
  • Click the If data option to show the selected input screens only if data has been entered on them.

Note: The options in this group box will be enabled only when the corresponding item (folder or input screen) is highlighted in the adjacent list.

Use these buttons to modify the order in which folders or input screens are displayed for all clients of the current entity.

Note: You cannot modify the position of the first input screen in a folder, as that input screen may contain mandatory fields that must be filled before the other screens in the folder can be accessed.

Click this button to open a preview of the highlighted input screen.

Note: This button is enabled only when a single input screen is highlighted in the list above.

Click this button to print the Data Entry Display Report, which lists the folders and input screens for the current entity and the display conditions you have set for each item.

Click this button to set the display condition to "if data" for all input screens.

Click this button to reset the default display conditions for all folders and input screens to "Always,", or to restore the customized display conditions from your settings in the prior-year application (if applicable).

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