Managing your firm's tax-preparation work

Alerts and notices

There are setup tasks that must be completed before your firm can process returns; these steps differ depending on whether this is the first year your firm is using UltraTax CS or if your firm used UltraTax CS last year. What follows is information about how you can utilize UltraTax CS to help you manage your firm's tax-preparation work.

UltraTax CS provides partners with various methods to monitor and manage firms, making it easy to:

Managing access to UltraTax CS

UltraTax CS enables you to limit your employee's ability to complete certain functions, such as modifying office-wide settings and user settings, and deleting and renaming clients. UltraTax CS provides the following security options.

For more information, see Setting security options.

Managing preparers, reviewers, and staff members

Improving customer service

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