Statements overview

Alerts and notices

You can enter detailed information in statement dialogs throughout UltraTax CS in order to prepare and print the statements that are required by taxing authorities. Use only the statement dialogs that you determine are necessary for processing returns. If statement detail is not required, just enter the total amount in the input screen field.

General information

Federal-to-state transfer of Statement dialog data (all entities except 709 and 5500)

If statement dialog data is transferred from a federal return to a state return, UltraTax CS displays the transferred data in blue text. View example.

Transferred data

If necessary, you can delete the line item from the state return by deleting the row from the state's statement dialog. If you delete a line item, UltraTax CS does not include that item in subsequent federal-to-state data transfers. You would have to manually enter the data again if you want it included on the state return.

Alternatively, you can overrule the transferred amount by entering the appropriate amount in the state's statement dialog field. If you enabled overrule notifications, UltraTax CS displays the new amount in black and the field is marked with red chevrons to indicate that you have overruled the transferred amount. View example.

Override indicator


  • When you overrule a transferred amount, UltraTax CS does not overwrite that amount with subsequent federal-to-state data transfers.
  • To delete the overruled amount and restore the original transferred amount, right-click the field and choose Delete overrule or simply enter the original amount in the field. UltraTax CS removes the red chevrons from the field.
  • To confirm the accuracy of the overruled amount, right-click the field and choose Acknowledge overruled data. UltraTax CS removes the red chevrons from the field and disables the acknowledge functionality from the right-click menu. To restore the original amount later, you will need to enter it manually.
  • If you overrule any transferred amounts on the state input screens and have enabled overrule notifications, the Diagnostics window includes an Input Screen Overrules tab that lists all overruled amounts. The overrules that you have not acknowledged are listed first, followed by those that you have acknowledged.

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