Excel Import utility for asset information overview (706)

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With the Excel Import utility, you can quickly and efficiently import asset information from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into UltraTax/706.

You can import the following asset information from an Excel spreadsheet into UltraTax/706.

Importing asset information

This basic procedure outlines how to use the Excel Import utility to import asset information into UltraTax/706.

  1. Create the Excel spreadsheet. To import asset information from Excel, you must create the Excel spreadsheet using the UltraTax/706 u8usAsset.xls template.
  2. Save the Excel spreadsheet. After you enter all necessary data into the Excel spreadsheet, you must save the spreadsheet as an Excel CSV (comma delimited) file.
  3. Import asset information. After you create and save the Excel spreadsheet, you can import asset information from the spreadsheet into UltraTax/706.

Note: To edit or modify the information in the Excel spreadsheet, follow the required guidelines.

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