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Accounting CS Payroll receives top rating, September 2014
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Accounting CS Payroll

A Better Way to Payroll. Start to Finish.

Payroll is one of the fastest-growing opportunities in today’s tax and accounting profession. It's an unbeatable way to build client loyalty, cash flow, and profitability. And Accounting CS Payroll makes offering payroll easier than you ever thought possible, with advanced solutions for time entry, payroll delivery, and more.

Accounting CS Payroll performs much of the calculating payroll process for you, bringing you new opportunities to streamline, do more with less, even do your own firm's payroll more efficiently. Batch-oriented, fully automated, and fully revolutionary, it's a new way to payroll. Start to finish.


Accounting CS Payroll features firm-wide standardization, automated employee setup, and much more to help you get up and running faster.

Live Payroll

Powerful automation and cross-client processing does much of the work for you, while a sophisticated database structure allows multiple employees to work on the same client simultaneously.

Payroll Delivery

Accounting CS Payroll gives you more options than ever for delivering reports and payments to your clients and their employees.


Accounting CS Payroll determines the right tax jurisdictions, enters the proper information for you, and includes an extensive library of state and local tax forms.

Accounting CS Client Access

Optional Accounting CS Client Access provides your clients with powerful two-way collaboration, as well as the tools to handle much of the payroll process themselves.

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