The 365-Day Return: Get ROI Year-Round

What's more valuable for your firm — a billable hour or a billable future?

Successful accounting firms like yours are focused on several key areas — from driving profitability, to achieving work/life balance, to managing a constant onslaught of regulatory changes and client demands. So what's a firm to do when manual processes bog down productivity and new regulations compress the tax season?

You'll know how to meet these challenges head-on when you attend The 365-Day Return webcast and hear directly from a customer who got past the everyday grind of doing tax returns and better served their clients in less time with:

  • Fast, responsive updates and seamless updating
  • Powerful data sharing and diagnostics
  • Comprehensive breadth of compliance and e-file coverage

At its heart, technology is not an expense; it's a strategic capital investment that's connected to how time is valued across your firm. By embracing this new way of thinking about technology and time, you can redefine what success means to you.

What does a billable future look like for your firm?

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