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2012 Forecast: Mobile Rules


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Frank Swierz gives us his thoughts on where mobile technology is headed.

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Frank Swierz

Frank Swierz is responsible for all the software that isn't tax- or accounting-related, so he sometimes jokes that he's senior director of "miscellaneous stuff." What that really means is that he's responsible for all the firm and workflow management as well as web-based products, like practice management, mobile, and portals. He's so committed to his job that he wrote the original prototype for the company's first iPhone® app, Mobile CS, just for fun.

"When we showed it at our annual Users' Conference, the customers liked it so much we decided to turn it into a product," he says. Swierz graduated with a computer science degree from Michigan State University and has been building software for about 25 years - the last 14 at Thomson Reuters.

Key Word for 2012: Mobile

"Today's young adults expect immediate service from everybody they do business with, including accounting professionals," he says. People aren't bound to a 9-to-5 work schedule anymore, and that means pushing more tasks to the web and having the ability to go mobile. "If you are an accountant who doesn't have that ability, someone else definitely will," he says.

On the Home Front

Swierz lives with his wife, surrounded by farmland a few miles from the stadium at the University of Michigan. As an alum of Michigan state university - and the father of a current student - he's a Spartan fan surrounded by Wolverines. He's crossing his fingers for a Spartan Big 10 title, if just for the bragging rights.

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