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Going Mobile: UC 2011


Jon Baron

If you attended the 31st Annual Users' Conference for Professional Tax & Accounting Firms (UC) in November, you already know about the huge impact that mobile computing is having on the tax and accounting profession. It's well known that new technologies tend to take on a life of their own once they're unleashed on the market. But we've never seen anything like this.

Nobody, myself included, predicted just how fast mobile would take hold, or the sheer number of possibilities it would have for business. We'll soon be introducing new mobile applications that will allow your clients to access their portals on mobile devices, enable your clients' employees to enter time and view check stubs on their smartphones, and much more. And it's just the beginning. There's no doubt that mobile will change the way you and your clients work.

Still, while I was at the Users' Conference, I felt a certain irony talking about the anytime-anywhere mobile office with attendees who had flown thousands of miles in order to be physically together in the same room. Gatherings like UC are just about the oldest social network there is, and new technologies like mobile and cloud computing haven't diminished their appeal one bit. on the contrary, the 2011 Users' Conference was one of our biggest ever. Its continuing popularity proves a simple truth: It's about people.

It has always been about people, and about one simple question: What can you do for me? That question is becoming more and more important as tax and accounting professionals stake out their changing role, less computational and more advisory. ultimately, our role is to help you provide new and better answers.

If you attended the 2011 Users' Conference, I hope you came away with some new answers as well as some new questions. I'd like to thank this year's attendees and everyone else who uses our technology to do more, to build stronger client relationships and more profitable firms, and to turn challenges into opportunities. There are exciting times ahead and I'm pleased to have you with us.

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