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Mobile and Web Best Practices: Creating Batch Client Portals


Screenshot of the mass portal creation processGiving your clients and your staff an easy and convenient way to view documents, access software, transfer data, and convey information sounds wonderful, doesn't it? This best practice tip will help make sure that your clients and your staff are getting the most out of their portal experience.

How to Quickly Create a Batch of Portals

When you follow this quick tip on deciding which method to use to batch create client portals, you can save a lot of time.

Depending on the software you're currently using from the CS Professional Suite, you have several options for creating portals. We're going to focus on the two most popular methods of creating portals in batches (rather than one-at-a-time): batch creation using NetFirm CS and batch creation using UltraTax CS.

To determine which method is the best fit for your firm, you'll need to ask yourself whether you want to allow your clients to specify their own login name, or whether you want to create a policy that all logins will be the client's email address.

Option 1: If you choose to let clients create their own login name, and have the ability to modify their login at a later date (if they wish), use the batch creation within NetFirm CS. The batch creation utility imports a spreadsheet of the client's first and last name, as well as their email address. Once the import is complete NetFirm CS creates the portals so you can begin modifying permissions.

Option 2: If you'd like to set a policy that all logins will be the client's email address, you can use UltraTax CS to automatically deliver web organizers and/or completed tax returns, thereby creating the logins (during this process NetFirm CS creates portals and logins automatically). Alternatively, if you're not planning to create/deliver organizers, but want to give your clients access the portals now; you can use UltraTax CS 2010 to deliver last year's tax return. NetFirm CS will create a portal during this process.

Want to learn more? Take a look at the Mass Portal Creation for NetClient CS video-number 6 in our series of See It in Action videos for NetClient CS.

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