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Planner CS Export is Available in UltraTax CS


UltraTax CS and Planner CS iconsWith the 2011.4 UltraTax CS release and the 2011.1.2 Planner CS release, you can export client data from UltraTax/1040 and import it into Planner CS.

To enable the integration feature, install the 2011.4 UltraTax CS release, and retrieve and apply the 2011.1.2 update for Planner CS via CS Connect from within Planner CS. You must be licensed for Planner CS to use this feature.

Follow these steps to export an UltraTax/1040 client's data and import it into Planner CS.

  1. In UltraTax CS, choose File > Open to open the 1040 client whose data you want to export into Planner CS.
  2. Choose Utilities > Planner CS (Export) to export the UltraTax/1040 client's data into Planner CS.

    Note: The Planner CS (Export) command is in the Utilities menu only if you have installed the program locally or have run the desktop setup on your computer.
  3. Planner CS will open automatically when you export the UltraTax/1040 client data. The Import Plan Data dialog will open with the UltraTax CS client's ID in the Client ID field. Do one of the following:
    • To create a new plan with this ID, click OK.
    • To create a new plan with a different ID, enter the desired ID in the Client ID field, then click OK.
    When you click OK, the new plan opens in Planner CS.

    Note: For more information about creating plans in Planner CS after exporting data from UltraTax CS, open the help in Planner CS and search for "importing data from UltraTax/1040."
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