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Planner CS: Exporting an UltraTax/1040 Client into Planner CS


Q:  How can we export an UltraTax/1040 client into Planner CS? 

A:  To export an UltraTax/1040 client into Planner CS, follow these steps.

1. In UltraTax/1040, open a 1040 client.

2. Choose Utilities > Planner CS (Export). Planner CS opens.

3. Select the option to import the data into a new plan or into an existing plan.

4. Click OK.           

Note: If the Utilities > Planner CS (Export) command is not available in UltraTax CS, the Planner CS program location might not be set correctly in UltraTax CS. To verify the program location, open UltraTax CS, choose Setup > User Preferences > File Locations tab, and click the Planner CS  option.

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