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The Case for Payroll


Some might say that payroll processing goes with tax and accounting services like peanut butter goes with jelly. In fact, payroll is one of the "stickiest" services you can offer, says Jason Tooker, associate manager for myPay Solutions at Thomson Reuters.

"Payroll not only encourages clients to stick with you, it can attract new ones and is often the starting point for getting them to use more of your services," he explains. "It really rounds out a full firm image if you're looking at a one-stop shop."

But don't just take it from Tooker. Rick Black, a CPA from Farmington, Mo., believes payroll is essential to any firm's business. Here's how - and why - he's made it work.

Black is a big believer that payroll gives firms a tool to keep clients coming back - that "stickiness" factor. "It's about value services, because you want to offer as many services as possible to your clients," Black says. "If you're offering auditing, accounting, tax, write-up and payroll, it's going to be hard for a client to leave when they have access to that many services." According to Black, payroll is also an important profit center for any firm.

Rick Black CPA on myPay Solutions (video still)

Video: Rick Black explains how offering payroll services via myPay Solutions has resulted in new business - and not just payroll business.
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The firm still has the flexibility to prepare payroll themselves or give their clients the option of handling it. They can even download items into their clients' QuickBooks®. "We have about 10 clients that use myPay Solutions, and we do about 750 payroll checks a month," says Black.

Another plus? Black's firm doesn't have any liability exposure, which instead lies with myPay Solutions.

The ease of getting up and running with myPay Solutions and how it integrates with other Thomson Reuters products is another check in Black's pro column for offering payroll. "It builds value in our product, and because it's all integrated together we can do as much as we want with it," he says. "I recommend myPay Solutions because they're there to build a partnership with your firm. We haven't had a single one of the kinds of problems we had with other payroll providers."

Know Your Payroll Options

Thomson Reuters offers three options to help firms provide payroll services to their clients. These options can be combined to meet the specific needs of any firm.

Accounting CS Payroll icon 1. Accounting CS Payroll

Firms can process payroll themselves with this fully automated option that's designed for cross-client processing. It gives firms options for streamlining their workload and even handling their own payroll more efficiently. Learn more about Accounting CS Payroll

Accounting CS Client Access icon 2. Accounting CS Client Access

Clients can process their own payroll, yet remain tightly connected to the firm
that provides the services. Accounting CS Client Access automates payroll functions
including payroll processing, check writing, and direct deposit. Learn more about Accounting CS Client Access

myPay Solutions icon 3. myPay Solutions

The service that offers all the benefits of being involved in clients' payroll without the liability of having to process it, myPay Solutions can handle any size payroll and much more. Learn more about myPay Solutions

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