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Ace the ACA

It's not easy to navigate the Affordable Care Act. Luckily, there are updated software tools to help firms offer expert advice. A glance at what's available

Helping Tax-Related Identity Theft Victims

Tax identity theft is the number one identity theft complaint filed by consumers. Be ready when your clients come to you for advice. The telltale signs of tax ID theft

Linda Fletcher

Behind the Scenes: The Write Stuff

Senior marketing writer and Solutions managing editor Linda Fletcher loves turning the spotlight on Solutions readers. Meet Linda

Richard C. Landis

A Forward-Thinking Firm with Old-World Values

Landis & Associates unites advanced technology with a strong commitment to the unique values and traditions of their local community. Their proactive approach

Jon Barom

Calling All Accountants with a Vision

Building a more progressive firm is a lot like remodeling a house; in both cases, you need a clear idea of your ideal outcome. Jon Baron has some ideas to help you through the process. What's your vision?

Dealing with the Office Interrupter

Got an office chatterbox? Here's how to successfully - and respectfully - avoid the interruption to your productivity. Learn more

How to Run a Great Team Meeting

Careful planning and diligent execution are the keys to a successful meeting. Other tips for great meetings

Visual Value

Is there a way to visually represent the value of your services to your clients? Will Hill has some suggestions. Learn more

In Praise of Document Management Software

Is your firm using document management software? If not, maybe it's time to give it a closer look. Five good reasons why

Older and Wiser

Sandra Wiley on how firms can address the graying of the profession by paving the way for younger professionals - and clients. Three smart steps