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Payroll with a Personal Touch

myPay Solutions

Enjoy the benefits of being involved with your clients’ payrolls—without the hassle or liability of actually processing them!

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On Time, Every Time

We do payroll, so you don't have to. myPay Solutions takes care of the tedious payroll tasks for your business clients, accurately and on time—guaranteed. So go ahead and offer payroll processing to your clients. We'll take care of it, no matter what they need.

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Your Strategic Partner

We never lose sight of the fact that the client is your client. We won't compete with you for their business. And, we understand that you trust us to treat them just as you would. That's why your clients receive top-quality, comprehensive payroll services and you receive complementary journal entries that flow directly into Accounting CS, Write-Up CS, and client payroll reports. Plus, you can participate in our revenue sharing program. It's our pledge to always respect the accountant-client relationship.

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myPay Solutions - Strategic Partner

The myPay Solutions Mobile App

Time to get mobile! Available as a free download, this mobile app lets employees of myPay Solutions clients perform a variety of the most common payroll activities in real time, right from their smartphones or other mobile devices.

Learn more at the myPay Solutions mobile app page.


myPay Solutions is a unique alternative for servicing your clients' payroll needs. To learn more, call 800.968.8900 or email Sales@myPaySolutions.com.

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