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Partner Summits 2015

Rave Reviews for Partner Summits

Is it worth your while to attend a 2015 Partner Summit? Don't just take it from us—hear it straight from your peers!

In the video below, practitioners Matthew Evans and Dawn Sabo talk about the exceptional value they found in their Partner Summit experiences. We also invite you to read the comments from other tax and accounting professionals about their own Partner Summit takeaways.

Inside the Partner Summits

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Three attendees share what they learned at our 2-day Partner Summits. (2:46)

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"There's an incredible amount of value in bringing in people who have used the best practices that are out there, so we're not trying to reinvent the wheel. It's the best investment we could ever make."

—Russell Stamm, CPA, MST,
R.C. Stamm & Company, MA

"Small business firms can really benefit from a Partner Summit. It's an excellent opportunity to give your partners some time away from their everyday work, so they can focus on where they want their firm to be in the future. It's important to come with an attitude that there’s always something more to learn."

—Emily Ransom,
Damasco & Associates, LLP, CA

"The Partner Summit helped me see that Thomson Reuters is much more than a software provider. They’re really in it with you for the long haul to support every aspect of your business."

—Dawn Sabo,
Sabo Accounting & Tax Services, TX

"Great new ideas to guide the vision of our firm and how to communicate [our vision] to current and potential clients."

—Lynn Seekins,
Beatham, Bernier, Seekins & Colpritt, CPAs, ME

"I wish we had more time! …really has energized me to get my practice heading in the right direction. I’m so glad that I made this investment…this was without a doubt, the best two days I have ever spent on my practice."

—Tara F. Tatum, CPA, NC

"Great summit! There was so much information given to help our practice."

—Patricia Jones,
Jones & Company, CPAs, P.A., FL

"Some great ideas on how to make our practice more efficient and more profitable."

—George A. Parhas,
Parhas & Associates, LTD, IL

"This is just what I needed to fully implement Practice CS and take a major step forward in our paperless process and paperless office!"

—Ronald D. Powell,
Powell & Powell Accounting, NC

"Very beneficial to our practice—many take-away ideas that we look forward to implementing."

—Jim Watts,
Watts & Hershberger, P.C., NE

"I like the small, intimate nature of the Partner Summits, which provided greater opportunities to network with other professionals and the instructors... The Partner Summit was a very worthwhile experience and it was a great decision to come this year."

—Doreena Towner,
Emerging Business Solutions Group, LLC, IL

"Great opportunity to talk with Thomson Reuters staff and fellow practitioners about [the] products. Great, motivating event."

—Terry Winstead,
Craine, Thompson & Jones, P.C., TN

"It is good to step back and think about what we do and how we do it. Also, [it's] good to see how others operate."

—Sally Nelson,
Nelson & Nelson, CPAs, OH

"Excellent, excellent material. Can't wait to get back and implement what we learned."

—Karen Smith,
Smith Financial Services, P.A., MD

"The summit allows me to step away from the day-to-day operation of my company and plan for improvements... the interaction with other attendees is very helpful."

—Kim M. Cook, CPA,
Wallis, Loiacono, & Cook, CPAs, P.C., NY

"This has been one of the most helpful seminars I have attended in years. Very worthwhile, I'm glad I came. I know that if I can implement just a few of the suggestions made here today, the improvement to my firm—and my life—will be notable."

—Mary Ellen Robertson,
Mary Ellen Robertson, CPA, TX

"Everyone we met was first class. The dinner hosted by [Thomson Reuters] was a 'wow' factor and made the summit more enjoyable."

—Joseph Forde,
Forde Financial & Tax, Inc., WA

"Great time! Not only the educational part, but the social networking was just as informational."

—Ramsey Sessions,
Ramsey R. Sessions, CPA, P.C., AL

"I felt that I was given a behind-the-scenes tour of a highly effective accounting firm and I enjoyed that."

—Scott Hukriede,
LGH Consulting, Inc., CA

"I came here not knowing what to expect. Now, I can't imagine the cost to our firm—in lost opportunities—if I hadn't."

—Andy Harris,
Harris & Co., CPA, PLC, IA

"This was one of the best seminars that I have attended. I discovered and learned about things that I can implement immediately. It was a great value for the investment of money and time... Lots of tips that can help you now—[a] very good value."

—Shirlene Small,
Emerging Business Solutions Group, LLC, IL

"Great presentation. The Partner Summit is a meaningful, helpful, and pertinent event."

—Jeffrey J. Schroder, CPA, P.C.



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