State Electronic Filing Guide

Contact Information:

Department Of Revenue
Tavares D. Mathews, Coordinator
Income Tax Electronic Filing Center
P.O. Box 327450
Montgomery, AL - 36132
Phone: 334-353-9497
Fax: 334-353-8068
Tax Refund Inquiries: 855-894-7391
State Guide Details:

Grace Period : 10 days
E-filing Mandate : Must e-file if preparing 50 or more returns
Form for opting out of mandate : Form EOO is mailed with paper return
Federal and State E-files Can Be Linked : Yes
State Can Be E-filed Separately : No
Return Types Accepted Electronically :
Resident : Yes
Part Year Resident : Yes
Non-Resident : Yes
Amended : No
Estimate Payments : No
Extension : No
Additional Return Types : PPT Business Privilege Tax Return can be e-filed except when amending. BPT-V Business Privilege Tax extension and BPT-IN Initial Privilege Tax Return cannot be e-filed.
Accepts Returns With : Refund, Zero Balance, Balance Due
Direct Deposit of Refunds : Yes
Payment of Balance Due by :
Electronic Funds Withdrawal (Direct Debit) : Yes
Credit Card : Yes
Online ePayment : No
Signature Requirements : ERO retains AL-8453 for 3 years
Accepts eSignature : Yes
Supports PDF attachments : Yes
Tax year(s) supported for e-filing : Current tax year and two prior tax years
Drivers License or State ID Required : Yes. Agency requires this information to file the individual return electronically.
Average Refund Time :
E-filed Return : significantly faster than paper returns
Paper Return : up to 90 days
Application Requirements : Automatically accepts IRS approval
Special Considerations : See Publication 4163 Alabama ERO Handbook

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