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State Electronic Filing Guide

Contact Information:

Revenue Administration Div
E-file Help Desk
Electronic Processing Section
110 Carroll St
Annapolis, MD - 21411-0001
Website: taxes.marylandtaxes.com/Resource_Library/Filing_Methods/Electronic_Filing/Business_Electronic_Filing/
Email: efil@comp.state.md.us
Phone: 410-260-7753
Fax: 410-974-2274
State Guide Details:

Grace Period : 5 days for return and extension
E-filing Mandate : If business credits claimed
Accepts State-Only E-file RETURN : Yes
Accepts State-Only E-file EXTENSION : Yes
Application Requirements :
In-State ERO : Automatically accepts IRS approval
Out-Of-State ERO : Automatically accepts IRS approval
Return Types Supported by UltraTax :
C Corporation : Yes
S Corporation : Yes
Consolidated/Combined : No
Amended : Yes, effective 2013
Short Year : Yes, but only if the tax year starts on the first day of the month and ends on the last day of the month
Estimates : Yes, effective 2013, filed separate from return
Extension : Yes
Composite : No
Withholding : None
Other return : None
State can efile even if federal form is not supported for efile : Yes, federal attaches as PDF file
Payment of RETURN Balance Due by :
Check by mail : Yes
EFT : Yes
Electronic Withdrawal : Yes, but not for amended
Payment of EXTENSION Balance Due by :
Check by mail : No
EFT : No
Electronic Withdrawal : Yes (only method allowed)
Direct Deposit of Refunds : Yes, but not for amended
Signature Requirements : Form EL101B is retained by ERO for 3 years
Special Considerations :
PIN Allowed : No
Tax Years Supported : Current plus two prior years (follows federal)

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