State Electronic Filing Guide

Contact Information:

Missouri Department of Revenue
Katy Werdehausen, Coordinator
P.O. Box 543
Jefferson City, MO - 65105-0543
Phone: 573-522-4300 or 573-751-8150
Fax: 573-526-5915
Tax Refund Inquiries: 573-526-8299 or 573-751-3505
State Guide Details:

Grace Period : 10 days
E-filing Mandate : No
Form for opting out of mandate : n/a
Federal and State E-files Can Be Linked : Yes
State Can Be E-filed Separately : Yes
Return Types Accepted Electronically :
Resident : Yes
Part Year Resident : Yes
Non-Resident : Yes
Amended : No
Estimate Payments : No
Extension : No
Additional Return Types : Kansas City Wage Earner return can be e-filed for 2014 and later. Kansas City Profits return can be e-filed for 2015 and later. St. Louis returns cannot be e-filed.
Accepts Returns With : Refund, Zero Balance, Balance Due
Direct Deposit of Refunds : Yes
Payment of Balance Due by :
Electronic Funds Withdrawal (Direct Debit) : No
Credit Card : Yes
Online ePayment : Yes
Signature Requirements : Completing federal 8879 signature requirements satisfies state requirement
Accepts eSignature : n/a
Supports PDF attachments : Yes
Tax year(s) supported for e-filing : Current tax year and two prior tax years
Drivers License or State ID Required : If your client was issued a driver’s license or state identification card, provide the requested information from it or indicate there is no applicable identification provided. An individual return cannot be filed electronically with the state if you do not provide a response on federal Screen IDAuth.
Average Refund Time :
E-filed Return : 3-5 days
Paper Return : 4-6 weeks
Application Requirements : Automatically accepts IRS approval
Special Considerations :

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