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2019 Year-End Update and Productivity Training: Tax Saving Moves and Productivity Training on Checkpoint

Level: Basic

This interactive, live webinar only offered once a year, is designed for Checkpoint Federal tax users who are looking for effective year-end tax planning strategies to help individuals and businesses lower their tax bills. Using the popular Tax Planning and Practice Guide, Tax Saving Moves for the Rest of 2019, key opportunities for maximizing tax savings will be identified. You will also learn how to find a sample year-end client letter to help you communicate possible tax saving moves to your clients, as well as a checklist, provisions scheduled to expire this year or next, and more. In addition to this useful tax planning guide, this class will also show you the resources available on Checkpoint that are helpful during tax compliance season. Target Audience: Professional Staff.

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Course Objectives:

  • Utilize the Tax Saving Moves for the Rest of 2019 guide to find out how to help clients lower their tax bills.
  • Discover various ways to save the client letter and checklist for future use
  • Use Form/Line Finder, Quick Tax Amounts, and other resources that are helpful during tax compliance season

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