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2019 Year-End Update and Productivity Training: UltraTax CS E-Filing

Level: Intermediate

The objective of this course is to provide tools and resources to improve efficiency and workflow processes when electronically filing your clients' tax returns. Through the E-File Help Center, the Electronic Filing Status dialog, and the State Electronic Filing guide these tools allow you to manage the status of your clients’ returns within your firm. Along with this, common rejection codes and resources to fix them are provided to better understand and streamline the acceptance process.

The course is designed for firms and staff members who have previously e-filed tax returns. Prerequisites include the UltraTax CS Electronic Filing Essentials course. A high-speed Internet connection is required. Target Audience: Professional and Administrative Staff.

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Course Objectives:

  • Becoming familiar with the E-File Help Center.
  • Understanding the Electronic Filing Status dialog.
  • Managing and resolving common electronic filing errors.
  • Reviewing the State Electronic Filing Guide.

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