Change your firm name, address, and/or phone number online

Alerts and notices

Has your firm name, address, or phone number changed? If so your firm's designated Licensee or Delegate can review and submit changes via the My Account page on our website. Who is a Licensee or Firm Delegate?

The Thomson Reuters – Tax & Accounting Business (Thomson Reuters) uses certain roles to define the relationship between Thomson Reuters and its Clients for Software products, such as the roles of Licensee or Firm Delegate. Licensee or Firm Delegate serves as account administrator and has legal right to the Client data entered in the software. A Licensee or Firm Delegate is responsible for managing the Client relationship with Thomson Reuters, including notifying Thomson Reuters of any firm demographic or name changes, managing security requirements, and responsibility for data entered in the software.

Customer Success Staff - Onvio users that do not use CS Professional suite applications can manage address information within Onvio. Only a change to the firm's name requires the Onvio Licensee to visit our website to make changes. For details, see Update your address in the Onvio Help & How-To Center.

When a customer updates their firm name, it is automatically sent to the Onvio platform team to update Onvio. Changes will take 24 hours to complete.

Note: If you are unsure who your firm's designated Licensee or Delegate is, you can view this information on the My Account page of our website. A login with admin permissions assigned is required. For details about the available Thomson Reuters ID permissions, see Thomson Reuters ID permission levels.

To do so, as a CS Web admin, log in to your Thomson Reuters ID on the My Account page and click the Manage Accounts link in the My Firm section.

Requesting changes to your firm name, address, or phone number

To submit a request for changes, as the Licensee or Firm Delegate, complete the steps below.

  1. To access My Account, click Log in on the top right of In the Access your web accounts section, click Sign in under "CS Professional Suite, Onvio" and then log in using your Thomson Reuters ID.
  2. Click the Manage Firm link in the My Firm section to open the Firm Information page. Show me.
  3. Enter your new name, phone number, and/or address information and click Save Changes to submit your changes. Before saving changes to address information, mark the applicable checkboxes for the change of address. Show me.
    Save Changes
  4. On the confirmation screen the requested changes submitted appear as pending change, please allow 24-48 hours for us to review your request. You will receive a confirmation email after your request has been reviewed with additional instructions.  Show me.
    Pending Change

During this process you can also review your license PIN information. Changes to the license PIN take effect immediately. Notify any staff or IT Professionals who need to retrieve license for your CS Professional Suite applications. For details about your license PIN, see Updating your license PIN.

Updating your CS Professional Suite applications

After receiving a confirmation email that your changes are complete, you may need to download an updated license. To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose Help > About and click Download Licenses.
  2. Verify your firm ID and license PIN and click Next.
  3. In the CS Connect window, click Call Now.
  4. Once the process is complete, click Close to complete the update.

If your current license PIN matches your ZIP code, you cannot download your updated license until your firm's licensee or delegate updates this information. For details about your license PIN, see Updating your license PIN.

Updating your e-file application summary after a name change or address change

If you use an IRS issued Electronic Filing Identification number (EFIN) to electronically transmit tax or payroll tax forms through CS Professional applications, update your name and address information with the IRS as well. To do so, access your IRS e-services account. If you are uncertain if you have created an e-services portal, or if you need assistance with login errors, verifying login credentials, or accessing your IRS e-services portal contact the IRS e-Help desk at 866.255.0654.

If the IRS issues you a new EFIN, you must provide a copy of the new e-file application summary before using the new EFIN in your CS Professional Suite applications. For details, select the application below that you use to electronically transmit returns. If you use all of the listed applications to electronically transmit returns, select UltraTax CS.

Managing your Preparer block information

Your Preparer Block information is the firm name and address information tied to the product license. This is the Preparer information that will appear on a tax return or payroll forms. Submitting a request to change the firm name changes the name that will appear on your Preparer block in your CS Professional Suite applications. Do not submit firm name change requests until you are ready to file tax returns or payroll forms under your new name.

Internal notes

Change of address requests must be placed through our website by the firm's designated licensee/firm delegate. We cannot accept requests to change firm address information over the phone. This protects users against un-authorized individuals making these changes. The only authorized contact to change the address is a Licensee or Delegate. In Flash and EMS, a contact that is a Licensee or Firm Delegate will have an "L" or an "Z" listed in their contact roles. For details about Flash and EMS contact role codes, see Internal: Flash & EMS contact role codes.

If nothing happens when clicking Manage Firm link in the My Account, the login used does not have licensee or delegate rights.

After submitting a request, and the firm is in a MOR/Office Share or International, the Customer Support department will review the request and make the changes. The turn around time is typically 24-48 business hours. Once the changes have been made a confirmation email will be sent instructing the external user to download an updated licence.

Firms that are not in a MOR, Office Share, or International will have their address automatically updated in EMS and licenses sent to CS Connect in approximately 30 minutes showing the updated change.

In the case of a firm merge, split, or acquisition the EFIN is owned by the firm and assigned by the IRS. The EFIN will generally stay with the firm name it was assigned to, and the new entity has to apply for a new EFIN with the IRS. If a firm goes two years without efiling, the EFIN is disabled.

All Customer Success representatives can check the status of a firm name change using MKT using the following steps:

  1. Open the firm ID in MKT in the Firm Tab.
  2. Ensure you have access to the Firm Name History widget. Show me.
    1. Open MKT
    2. Click on the Firm tab
    3. Click Show Additional Applications
    4. Click Firm Name History to add the widget
  3. Review if a new firm name is indicated in the New Name field. The upper left corner of MKT will display the current name in EMS.
    • If there is a mismatch in names, Customer Service has not yet changed the name. Show me.

All Customer Success Representatives can see the same information in EMS using the following steps:

  1. Open the firm ID in EMS.
  2. Click the Primary Phone button in the Firm Information screen.
  3. Click Name History to open the recent firm name change history. It will indicate the previous and new firm names, who requested the name change in the firm, who updated EMS, and when.
  4. Click Close to exit to screen.

Preparer block limitations

EMS reflects the address limits allowed for a tax return. The address limits are as follows:

Item # of Characters
Firm Name 40
Address 30
City 20
State 2
Zip Code 9
Phone number 12


  • EMS does not allow combining the city, state, or zip fields into one.
  • To edit an international address, select the country from the country drop down before entering the city and zip code.
  • PO Boxes are not allowed in Physical or Shipping address fields.