WebEx Support Center for CS remote sessions

Alerts and notices

CS Professional Suite Representatives utilize WebEx Support Center to connect remotely with customers. To join a meeting, you must have a meeting number, which the Representative will provide.


  1. On the WebEx Support Center page, click Join. Show me.
    • For the best experience, use your computer's local browser. Many cloud-provided browsers (like Virtual Office/SaaS) have settings that interfere with WebEx.
    • If you don't see Join, click Classic View on the left. Show me.
  2. Enter the Support Session Number. This number is provided by the Representative.
  3. Fill out the rest of the Pre-Session Form and agree to the terms by clicking the Submit button.
  4. After submitting the Pre-Session Form, another page in the browser will load. That page will say one of two things:
    • "Starting WebEx". If this happens, wait for WebEx to start. Show me.
      Starting Webex
    • "Step 1 of 2" with instructions to download or add WebEx. The instructions will vary depending on the browser.
      1. Click the Add WebEx to Chrome button. Show me.
        Add WebEx to Chrome
      2. Click the Add extension button. Show me.
        Add extension
      3. Click the Cisco_WebEx_Add-on.exe download. Show me.
        Chrome run download
      1. Click the Download button. Show me.
        Edge Download WebEx
      2. The browser should instruct you to click Run. If you have an option for run, click it. If you see Save, Save as, and Cancel, click Save. Show me.
        Edge Save
      3. If you clicked Save in the last step, you will need to click Run once the download has finished. Show me.
        Edge Run
      1. Click the Add WebEx to Firefox button. Show me.
        Add WebEx to Firefox
      2. Follow the prompts in the upper-left corner of Firefox. The add-on may need to be allowed before it can be installed. Show me.
        Firefox install WebEx
      3. Run the Cisco_WebEx_Add-on.exe from the Downloads in Firefox. Show me.
        Firefox WebEx download
  5. Once WebEx is started, a Remote Support Session window opens. At this point, you are in the remote session, but the Representative cannot see your screen. Show me.
    Remote Support dialog
  6. The Representative will send a request for permission to view your screen. Mark the box and click OK to start screen sharing.
  7. You can stop sharing or leave the session at any time.
    • To stop sharing, click the down arrow in the WebEx sharing toolbar and choose Stop Desktop Sharing. Show me.
      Stop desktop sharing
    • To leave the WebEx session, bring up the Remote Support Session window and click the Leave Session button. Show me.
      Leave Session button