Changing your Thomson Reuters profile information

Alerts and notices

Your Thomson Reuters ID is the email address and password you use to access the features found on the My Account page of our website. To update the profile information associated with your Thomson Reuters ID, such as your name and email address, complete the following steps.

If you use your Thomson Reuters ID to sign in to your CS Professional Suite applications, updating your email address or password changes the credentials you will use to sign in to your applications. For details, see  Logging in to CS Professional Suite applications.

Updating your Thomson Reuters ID profile information

To make changes to the name or email address information associated with your Thomson Reuters ID, complete the following steps.

  1. Visit and click Log in on the top right. In the Access your web accounts section, click Sign in under "CS Professional Suite, Onvio" and then log in using your Thomson Reuters ID. Show me.
    Main Sign In Screen
  2. Click the My Profile link. Show me.
  3. The My Account > My Profile page will automatically open in a new tab within your browser. Click the Account tab, enter your new account information. To complete your changes, click Save. Show me.
    Account Information

As the Licensee, to make a change to your legal name associated with your Thomson Reuters ID profile information, see Requesting changes to a Licensee's name.

Modify Thomson Reuters ID profile information for your staff

If a staff member's contact information has changed, you may wish to update the profile information associated with their Thomson Reuters ID on their behalf. To do so, as the CS Web administrator, complete the following steps.

  1. Click Log in on the top right of In the Access your web accounts section, click Sign in under "CS Professional Suite, Onvio" and then log in using your Thomson Reuters ID.
  2. Click the Manage Accounts link in the My Firm section to open the Manage Accounts page.
  3. On the Manage Accounts page, scroll down to the staff member whose contact information you wish to update and click Modify.
  4. In the Contact Information section enter the new information, scroll down and click the Save & Return to List button to complete your changes.

Note: The CS Web administrator cannot modify profile information for any contact with the role of Licensee. Changing profile information for contacts with the role of Licensee requires that individual to sign into the website with his or her Thomson Reuters ID login credentials and follow the instructions for modifying his or her profile.

Internal notes

If the Firm Delegate needs to be changed, a new Firm Delegate form needs to be submitted. This cannot be self serviced on

If the email for the licensee on file is wrong, the firm will need to self service the email change. Request that the licensee send a letter on company letterhead from the email they want to use that requests a new password for the wrong email. The email should be sent to Once you've received the letter, contact the Customer Service Resolver to get a new password for that is compatible with the email that is currently in EMS. The Customer Success Representative will contact the licensee with the new password and guide the user to update their email to the correct email.

To troubleshoot duplicate email issues you will first want to thoroughly search EMS for the email. Complete the following steps and see the scenarios in step three for further guidance.

  1. Open EMS and click Ctrl+F to open the Advanced Search option.
  2. Enter the email address in the Email Address field, mark the Include Archived Firms checkbox and click the Search button.
  3. If there are multiple firm IDs involved, make note of them and review each individually. Common scenarios are as follows:
    • If the ID is archived, contact the CS Resolver to un-archive and delete the contact, or adjust the email. Once the change is made, the correct email should be able to be used on the correct account.
    • If the ID is not an archived firm, check the MOR tab to see if there is a connection between the contact records. If yes, find the email in the contact list and right click the contact and select the View Selected Contact option. All firm IDs the user's email address is associated with will be listed.
    • If the ID is not archived, and there is not a MOR situation, confirm the user's intentions with the emails, and attempt to have the user self service correcting the email. If not possible to self service, submit an EMS ticket to have the contact email removed or the contact deleted if not a licensee. Check the CPE associated with the contact to ensure the CPE is moved to the correct contact in EMS.

If the user receives the error message "We're unable to verify your profile information. Please close your browser window and try again," when attempting to change their email, have the user try the following troubleshooting tips:

  1. Clear their browser's cookies and cache by deleting temporary internet files or cached files.
  2. After clearing the browser's cache, update the password associated with the account.
  3. If they still receive the error, have the CS Web Administrator login, and manually change the email address in Manage Accounts section for the affected user. Show me.
    1. Visit the My Account page and log in with their Thomson Reuters ID.
    2. Click the Manage Accounts link.
    3. Review the list of staff members and their permission settings.
    4. Click the Modify button to update that staff member’s information.
    5. In the Email field, enter the new email to be used for the account.
    6. Click Save & Return to List.

If Onvio Tools returns an error stating "No EMS email address match found in TRID system. Contact Platform Development for resolution" and the the EMS email and the TRID uid are not the same email, the CS Resolver can change the email in MKT in the Update Email Address field by changing the email to the new email the customer would like to use. This does not require an Authentication Escalation request.